Water-Resistant Filaments for 3D Printing


Additive 3D printers may get all the headlines, but filament technology continues to evolve. Among these advancements are some new-ish filaments that have some water resistance. Find out what water-resistant filaments to use for your 3D printing projects.

ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene)

ABS is a high-impact filament perfect for water-resistant printing. This rigid material also resists acids like phosphoric, hydrochloric, and acetic (10 percent). It can be a bit temperamental to print (think warping) and gives off noxious fumes when doing so. But it’s good enough for LEGO, so it might be good enough for you.

ASA (Acrylonitrile Styrene Acrylate)

Think of ASA as ABS’ brother that tans instead of burns. Yep, ASA is similar to ABS, but it is vastly more UV-resistant. That means projects that will live outdoors near the pool would be great candidates for ASA. But it is still a challenge to print.

Nylon PA 12

Not many people know Nylon for its water resistance; it is, after all, hygroscopic. But that’s PA6; PA12 is a different animal. Since it’s still super tough like its PA6 cousin, you can use PA12 for gears, bearings, and structural parts. You can print it alone, but you’ll often find it filled with carbon fiber or glass filaments for added strength.

PETG (Polyethylene Terephthalate Glycol-Modified)

Don’t feel like dealing with Nylon or ABS and their eccentricities? Then try PETG. It’s nearly as easy to print as PLA, nearly as tough as ABS, and it’s food-safe and waterproof. This filament can be clear or opaque and colorful, making it ideal for things like food containers. It is also very UV resistant. Are you making some back-lit colored signs for outdoor projects? PETG can be perfect for that.

Consider the offerings on this list if your product needs better moisture resistance. These choices offer additional features that are sure to make your next print your best one. May we suggest our American-made PETG or Zenith Copolymer PETG as your filament of choice? Available in nine and four colors, respectively, you can find just the right shade for the job (I am partial to the Translucent Aqua).

Satisfy all your filament needs with Filamatrix’s 3D filaments made in the USA. Check out our other blog posts to learn more about other filaments to use in your designs.

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