Zenith PETG Copolymer 3D Printer Filament

Zenith PETG Copolymer 3D Printer Filament

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    The Zenith PETG is a copolyester 3D filament formulated to maximize the ease of printing without sacrificing physical properties.  Zenith prints under conditions similar to many PETG’s, but gives higher quality parts due to excellent bridging and retraction properties.  It also gives higher impact strength and has a heat deflection temperature (HDT) higher than a typical PETG or PLA.  Great for beginners and perfect for pros, achieving a clean-quality print has never been simpler.

    Our Zenith PETG Filament is proudly made in the USA to the tightest diameter tolerance on the market. Filamatrix filaments are designed and developed by engineers with 50+ years of experience in plastic extrusion.  All Filamatrix products are repeatedly tested for color uniformity and physical properties through an in-house print lab, consisting of numerous printer manufacturers.  Physical properties of printed test bars are checked by a certified outside lab.


    • Recommended nozzle temperature: 225 – 255 °C
    • Recommended bed temperature: 55 – 85 °C
    • Recommended drying temperature: 60 °C, 6-12 hours



    • While a heated bed is not required for printing, starting around 70 °C may give better results.
    • PETG adheres to a variety of build surfaces (glass, PET tape, etc.).



    • All 3D printer filaments are at least somewhat prone to absorbing water (hydroscopic)
    • Zenith PETG absorbs moisture faster than PLA, so it may be noticeable sooner
    • Indications of moisture problems include popping or spitting when printing and stringy prints
    • Drying may be done in a dedicated filament dryer, oven, or food dehydrator
    • For casual to moderate printers we recommend this product     (Opens in new window. No compensation is received.)
    • For Zenith PETG, dry six to twelve hours at 60° C (140° F)

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