PEEK-Enhanced CF 3D Printing Filaments

PEEK-Enhanced CF 3D Printing Filaments

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    If the core strength of our basic PEEK formula still isn’t enough, Filamatrix carries something that can fulfill your needs. Infused with low-density carbon fiber, our PEEK-Enhanced CF 3D printing filament provides additional tensile strength to help with impact resistance and general wear. As such, these parts will last much longer and require less upkeep to maintain functionality.

    PEEK 3D Printer Filament
    EXTRUDER TEMP – 370 – 420 °C
    BED TEMP – >120 °C

    PEEK is a high-performance polymer from the PAEK family. It has outstanding mechanical properties combined with excellent thermal and chemical resistance. Its properties make it ideal for high performance, demanding applications. Unlike most PEEK-Enhanced CF 3D printing filament, ours does not require a heated build chamber to be printed, and exhibits enhanced layer bonding, thus reducing the anisotropy of the final part. Abrasion resistant nozzles are recommended for use with this material.

    PEEK, like most polymer materials, inherently takes up moisture from the surrounding atmosphere due to the nature of its chemistry. When most polymers are extruded with high moisture content, the chains in the polymer will break. When this happens, you may notice a change in viscosity and melt strength of the melted polymer. An obvious sign of your filament being too wet is popping noises as the material is extruded, the moisture in the material vaporizing. PEEK is shipped in vacuum-sealed bags to prevent moisture uptake during shipping and storage.

    PEEK Filament is proudly made in the USA to the tightest diameter tolerance on the market. Filamatrix filaments are designed and developed by engineers with 50+ years of experience in plastic extrusion. All Filamatrix products are repeatedly tested for color uniformity and physical properties through an in-house print lab, consisting of numerous printer manufacturers. Physical properties of printed test bars are checked in an outside, certified lab.


    Recommended nozzle temperature: 370 – 420 °C
    Recommended bed temperature: >120 °C
    PEI or glass with glue stick recommended for building surface
    Abrasion resistant nozzle recommended
    PEEK is moisture sensitive; measures should be taken to keep the filament dry • Recommended drying temperature: 120 °C
    Generally, slower speeds, larger nozzles and layers are recommended as a starting point