The Best Carbon Fiber 3D Printer Filaments


Carbon fiber filaments, which resemble metal-infused filaments but include microscopic threads, are composite materials created by mixing carbon fiber fragments with a polymer basis. The polymer foundation may consist of various 3D printing materials. These filaments comprise small particles with a diameter of around 0.01 mm, in contrast to real carbon fiber materials, which have long sustained fibrous threads that increase mechanical resistance. Although this is sufficient to increase the tensile strength of printed objects, please remember that such filaments fall short of the real thing. Without further ado, here are the best carbon fiber 3D printer filaments.


Due to its PLA polymer foundation, protopasta is arguably one of the simplest substances on this list to print. It claims to have excellent layer adherence, little warpage, and a lovely matte finish. The bulk substance is more fragile than regular PLA because it contains 15 percent chopped carbon fibers. The added stiffness reinforced by the carbon fiber is perfect for items like frames and supports that aren’t designed to flex. Protopasta cautions users about the gritty quality of this filament and suggests using a 0.5-mm nozzle or larger to prevent excessive clogging.


The nylon basis of MatterHackers’ NylonX filament contains 20 percent micro-carbon fibers. It produces a robust, shatter-resistant material that is perfect for making useful pieces by fusing nylon’s toughness with the rigidity of the shredded carbon fibers. Despite the fact that nylon is notorious for being difficult to 3D print, the integrated carbon fibers in the strand offer adequate dimensional stability to prevent warping. Some users have reported bending and stringing.


Out of this whole list, Filamatrix supplies the highest quality carbon fiber 3D prints in the form of our carbon fiber reinforced nylon filament. It employs largely the same construction as MatterHackers, we employ high quality carbon fibers and a high filament concentration. If you are looking for a premium carbon fiber filament at a competitive price, look no further than Filamatrix.

We hope you have enjoyed our recap of some of the best carbon fiber 3D printer filaments! If you are looking to purchase quality specialty filaments, be sure to reach out to Filamatrix today for a renowned selection at a great price.

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