Matte PLA Has Arrived!


You begged! You pleaded! You threatened! You…did none of these.

But we know that you DID want Matte PLA. And we have come through for you.

The new Matte PLA from Filamatrix is subdued, yet elegant. While regular PLA is great for prototyping or functional parts, Matte PLA is for the artist in you. Notice how it inspired our photographer to shoot a 1970’s European furniture advertisement. This is some powerful stuff!

Available now in seven creamy colors (Black, Blue, Green, Light Blue, Orange, Purple, and White), our Matte PLA is perfect for statement works. It prints smoothly and reliably just like our regular PLA, and does not require a heated bed.

Matte PLA offers significantly lower specular reflections, making it easier to read and make out small details. In the image below the disc on the left is Matte PLA in black and the one on the right is regular PLA.

Matte PLA vs Regular PLA Example

While it has a great face remember that Matte PLA (like other visual variants) is made by introducing non-PLA polymers to the blend. This has the effect of making Matte PLA slightly more brittle and less strong than PLA. Therefore, do not substitute one-for-one with PLA; increase wall thickness and possibly fill values. Or just print beautiful objects that you friends and coworkers will beg you to make for them, like this (at Thingiverse).

Matte PLA is available in 1 kg spools of 1.75 and 2.85 mm diameters and is priced at $28 per kg.

To close us out today, here is another fine European furniture advertisement image from 1972. We gotta get a new photographer.


The Photographer Responds

You wouldn’t know art if it hit you in the head, Editor.

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