How Carbon Fiber Filaments Enhance the Strength of 3D Prints


Imagine you’re working on a 3D printing project. You’re excited, the design is perfect, and you’re ready to hit “print.” You just have one last design decision to make, “What filament should I use?” As an experienced printer, you know that you must base this decision on the final use of the print.

PLA may do the trick if you happen to require something colorful. However, Nylon Carbon Fiber (Nylon CF) deserves serious consideration if you require performance, particularly toughness. Discover how Nylon Carbon Fiber filaments enhance the strength of 3D prints below.

Impact Resistance

This feature is perhaps Nylon CF’s greatest strength, pardon the pun. Think of toughness, like a boxer. Yes, it’s strong, but more importantly, it can take a licking and keep on ticking (with credit to 1970s Timex ads). How tough? Nylon CF has a Notched Izod Impact rating of 124 J/m². We won’t go into how printers compute this equation, but we will say that PLA’s rating is a mere 27. Ouch.

Stiff, But Not Too Stiff

There isn’t anything flimsy about carbon fiber filaments. They are certainly strong (tensile strength of 8340 psi) and they have a small degree of flexibility. This flexibility allows Nylon CF to absorb vibrations without snapping, as would PLA or PETG, even as these have higher (yes, higher) tensile strength.

Heat Resistance

Nylon CF, being a Nylon, has a considerably higher Heat Deflection Temperature (HDT) than PLA or PETG. How much more? Almost 100 degrees Celsius versus PLA (147 degrees versus 54 degrees). Therefore, Nylon CF will perform in outdoor or industrial environments where lesser filaments will collapse and warp.

The Myth

Let’s be fair to Nylon CF and kill the myth that it is the strongest filament you can get (for home use). It is not. You can find all manner of videos showing PLA holding weights where Nylon CF fails. PLA has a higher tensile strength but it will shatter if you hit it with a sledgehammer. However, Nylon CF is tougher. Tough. Strong. There is a difference, and knowing which filament you need for your project is key.

It’s evident that Nylon Carbon Fiber filament has an important role in 3D printing, but is it right for your job? Nylon Carbon filaments come with many incredible benefits, making them a great secret weapon to enhance the strength of 3D prints—including their toughness and heat capacity. Why settle for less when Filamatrix offers you the best? Make the smart choice today—enhance your 3D printing experience with the unparalleled attributes of our Nylon Carbon Fiber filament!



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