Does TPU Filament Color Affect Print Quality?


Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) filaments are the odd ducks of the 3D printing world. Their physical properties are unmatched by virtually any other filament. However, lurking beneath the very flexible surface lies a question: Does the color of TPU filament alter print quality? Settle in for an exploration that brushes past the rainbow of TPU filament colors and dives into the heart of their impact on 3D prints.

What Is TPU Filament?

First, a brief primer. Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) filament is flexible and often used to create rubber-like parts. Its resistance to wear and tear is excellent, and this makes it one of the toughest filaments available.

The Impact of TPU Filament Color on Print Quality

Now, let’s get to the main topic: Does the color of TPU filament affect print quality? Well, yes and no. First the no. All color additives are different chemicals deriving from vastly different sources (plants, rocks, animal parts, etc.). They all have different properties, but the amounts mixed with the base filament are generally small, and that means the effects are minor.

Now the yes side. While small, the effects are still present. Most often, the change in quality occurs from a change in viscosity (the thickness of the filament). If a color additive results in a low viscosity, then the filament runs freely, and that may lead to issues such as elephant’s foot in a print. This is easily fixed, but sometimes adjustments must be made to accommodate this difference.

Other Factors That Affect TPU Filament Print Quality

Temperature is a critical factor that influences TPU print quality. When 3D printing with TPU filament, consider the following temperatures:

  • Extruder Temperature: Recommended range of 210-250° C
  • Bed Temperature: Recommended at 70° C

Adhering to these temperature ranges will ensure optimal printing results with TPU filament; otherwise, print quality may drop. Other factors affecting TPU print quality include the extruder, the printer bed, the printing speed, and room temperature.

Tips for Achieving High-Quality Prints with TPU Filament

If you want to achieve high-quality prints with TPU filament, start by setting the correct temperature during printing, adjusting the printer settings for optimal filament flow, and using a high-quality filament. Also, keep your printer in good working condition by not skipping scheduled maintenance.

The hue of your TPU printer filament is a matter of personal preference or project needs, not an element that would make your 3D prints look like they’ve had a wild night out. Using 3D printing filaments is more about controlling the heat, managing the hardware, and keeping up with printer care. They also interact with small filament nuances.

Our motto is Never Feel Limited, and we mean it. Choose any color of TPU printer filament that suits your design aesthetic and watch as your imagination takes physical form. Make every color count and get printing with TPU filament from Filamatrix!



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