5 Reasons Carbon Fiber Filaments Are Worth It


You need to know which filaments are suitable for your 3D printing needs to achieve the best results. When it comes to the most widely used filaments in the business, ABS and PLA, there are a few factors to keep in mind. ABS filaments are less expensive and more versatile than PLA filaments; however, they are brittle and warp easily. PLA filaments, on the other hand, have a lower melting point and are more flexible. People often choose carbon fiber filaments above the other two. Here are the top reasons why carbon fiber filaments are worth it.

Strong & Lightweight

The most significant advantage of using carbon fiber filaments for 3D printing is that they have high tensile strength and a low weight-to-strength ratio. This makes them an excellent material for 3D printing, where strength and durability are critical. When compared to traditional materials such as wood and steel, carbon fiber filaments are more durable and lightweight.

Heat Resistant

Carbon fiber filaments have a low thermal expansion coefficient, making them resistant to heat and corrosion. Carbon fiber filaments make 3D printing simple since they prevent pieces from shrinking as the print cools. This improves the print’s quality.

Enhances Material Properties

Carbon fiber filaments can be used as a strengthening addition because they improve the mechanical properties of the base material in several ways. They add dimensional stability and improve rigidity, reducing the risk of warping and shrinkage.

Versatile & Cost-Effective

Carbon fiber filaments are advantageous in 3D printing for a number of businesses. Carbon fibers are tougher than metal, lighter than plastic, and resistant to heat, making them ideal for printing practical prototypes. By adopting this adaptable material over aluminum, the vehicle industry has reduced its production costs. Furthermore, enterprises can improve their printing capabilities by incorporating carbon fibers into basic materials such as PLA and PETG.

Attractive Aesthetics

Composite filaments are employed in the 3D printing industry because of their unique properties, which can create conductive, long-lasting, and attractive prints. They come in a black finish and may be used with various base materials, including PETG, nylon, PLA, and others to create unique and bespoke prints. 

We hope you have enjoyed our overview of the top five reasons carbon fiber filaments are worth it. If you are looking to purchase nylon carbon filament or any other type of carbon fiber filament, be sure to reach out to Filamatrix today. We have a large stock of filaments to ensure that we are your one-stop-shop for any and every 3D printing project you may have!

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