5 Facts About Kevlar-Infused 3D Printing Filaments


Kevlar helpful for every industry; with its gorgeous durability and phenomenal longevity, it can become your industry’s superhero.

Kevlar-infused filament has some outstanding properties and can be extremely useful in industrial and scientific environments. Learn five facts about Kevlar-infused 3D printing filaments to determine if it’s the right material for your projects.

Kevlar-Infused Filaments Are Strong – Really Strong

Kevlar-infused filaments are strong, making the resulting print much stronger than one made with other filaments. Companies printing with this filament can expect high impact resistance and better tensile strength than with conventional filaments.

Many Uses in Industrial Applications

Kevlar filaments are known for optimal mechanical properties. They’re strong, durable, and capable of withstanding stressful conditions. Parts made with Kevlar-infused filament can sometimes replace steel and aluminum components at a fraction of the cost.

Kevlar Filaments Wear Better

Kevlar-infused filaments excel at wear-resistance. Due to this, Nylon-Kevlar printed parts are common in machinery for gears and wheels where Nylon (let alone a material like PLA) might fail within days or hours. Kevlar-infused materials make good economic sense from a longevity standpoint.

Kevlar Filaments Have Greater Impact Resistance

Wear resistance is important for longevity, but a part has to be tough, too. Impacts come in many forms on the plant floor, including gear lash and equipment collision. For example, PETG has been suggested for use in equipment guards, but Nylon-Kevlar has six times the impact resistance!

Heat Resistance

All 3D additive manufacturing filaments have Heat Deflection Temperatures (the point at which they start to deform). Some are low, like PLA at about 55 degrees Celcius. Others are high, like Nylon at about 90–100 degrees Celcius. Add Kevlar to that Nylon and it rises to about 113 degrees Celcius. However, it is still printable in most modern 3D printers, unlike exotic materials such as PEEK.

One of the niftiest facts about Kevlar-infused filaments is that they are near the pinnacle of 3D filaments that are available for use by almost anyone. Combined with their many exceptional attributes, this makes Nylon-Kevlar attractive for your tough jobs.

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