What Will Be the Hottest 3D Printing Trends of 2023?


3D printing is a modern technology slowly taking over the world. Soon, there will be more affordable capabilities for designing metal parts and tools for the healthcare industry and more focus on sustainability in construction. These trends are beginning to erupt on the scene, and it’s only a matter of time before you get in on them. What will be the hottest 3D printing trends of 2023? Let’s take a look!

Construction 3D Printing Trends

Construction continues to evolve. The trend of 3D printing in construction is going to grow even stronger, with architects and building planners creating prototypes and final pieces for building materials. 3D printing in construction is a cost-effective alternative that can save many natural resources and control the budget.

3D Printing in the Healthcare Industry

Healthcare continues to improve by offering better ways to make surgical tools at affordable costs rather than experiencing shipping delays. 3D printing is even showing improvement in designing implants. Patients can acquire a prosthetic limb made by a 3D printer, and doctors can have medical tools designed in under an hour.

Metal Fabrication Takes On 3D Printing

The need for metal parts and structures continues to grow, with many manufacturers acquiring what they can to design basic and challenging designs. One of the challenges facing metal manufacturing is ensuring the parts don’t have defects, such as sharp edges or holes.

3D printing has been a massive help in creating complex metal designs, such as plates and bars, for factories and the aerospace industry. Even as this trend grows, it is one of the more expensive 3D printing options compared to others.

AI Is Joining the Mainstream

Artificial intelligence (AI) is joining the mainstream, with various companies hopping on the bandwagon to test it for themselves. Sometimes, AI may not be what your company needs, but it can assist various manufacturing operations.

The great minds of MIT researched and discovered how useful AI can be in 3D printing. They were surprised to find that it worked well in manufacturing. AI is a valuable tool in manufacturing, as it assists in monitoring design processes and fixing faults in the product before sending it to the end user.

More 3D Printing Companies Popping Up

With 3D printing on the rise comes the tidal wave of 3D printing companies. Many more companies are creating supplies to keep production going. Additionally, 3D printing trends claim that PLA 3D printer filament is geared to be 2023’s most loved fiber because it’s easy to use, reasonably priced, and non-toxic.

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