4 Mistakes To Avoid When Printing With PLA Filament


The world of 3D printing is innovative, thrilling, and intricate! With its user-friendly properties, PLA filament is a boon for novices and seasoned tech hobbyists. However, even this seemingly forgiving material sets traps for the unwary—a small misstep can mean the difference between a masterpiece and a misprint. We’ll unveil four mistakes to avoid when printing with PLA filament and how to sidestep them with precision.

1. Overlooking the Bed Leveling Ballet

Bed leveling is like a ballet—if you fail to remember your pirouettes, your prints won’t come out as elegant as you hoped. To avoid a doomed performance from the start, practice your level probing with methods like preheating the printer, checking the center, and disabling the stepper motors. The good news is most new 3D printers offer auto-bed leveling without breaking the bank.

2. Choosing the Wrong Temperature Tango

Temperature plays the lead role in this performance. With a spotlight that is too hot, PLA loses its form—too cold, and it won’t flow gracefully. The sweet spot typically ranges between 200° C and 220° C; however, verifying the manufacturer’s specs—and some fine-tuning—ensures your PLA filament will pirouette exactly right.

3. Misjudging the Filament Diameter Rhythm

Precision in filament diameter matters. Ensuring the filament matches your printer’s specifications prevents a cacophony of printing mishaps. Whether it’s 1.75mm or 2.85mm, even the smallest variations can make or break the symphony.

4. Racing or Dragging Print Speed Tempo

The tempo of your print can turn a would-be flawless routine into a frantic mess. Dialing in just the right speed is like pacing a dance performance—too fast, and details are lost; too slow, and you’ll find your results falling flat. Observe and adjust until you find the best pace for your PLA print. A moderate speed keeps quality without testing your patience.

Avoiding these common mistakes to avoid is crucial when printing with PLA filament. At Filamatrix, we offer reliable PLA 3D printer filament that gives you flawless projects. Join our vibrant and supportive 3D printing community, where you’ll find tailored insights and tips. Let’s start this journey together, exploring the endless possibilities of 3D printing! Because with Filamatrix, you never feel limited to your creative endeavors.



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