The Best Way To Store PETG 3D Printer Filament


When we open a new spool of filament, we rarely use the whole thing for one print. So, one of the biggest problems 3D printers face is storing filament to preserve its condition for the next (and the next) print. PETG is one of the most popular 3D printing materials, but you really shouldn’t toss it on the shelf when you change to a new filament.

We’ll share the best ways to store PETG 3D printer filament so your PETG filament remains in optimum condition.

Keep PETG Filament Dry

PETG filament is hygroscopic, meaning it attracts atmospheric moisture. Water in the filament causes the material to pop and spit when printing. Storing PETG in a sealed bag with desiccant or silica to absorb moisture is a must.

Keep PETG Filament Dry!

Yes, we are saying this again because we cannot overstate the importance of keeping PETG dry. If you don’t, you have to dry it for 6–12 hours at 60° C (140° F). Who wants to wait half a day to print?

Store PETG Filament at Cool Temperatures

PETG filaments store better at cool temperatures of 15–25° C (59–77° F). Extremely high temperatures cause degradation, but low temperatures break down the material, causing it to become brittle and crack. In other words, if you are comfortable, your PETG will be, too.

Protect PETG Filament From UV Light (Somewhat)

PETG is an excellent filament for outdoor use, as it is UV-resistant. Before printing, storage in a dark or opaque container will help preserve its expected attributes.

Correctly storing your PETG filament can keep it in the best condition for your 3D printing projects. Following these best practices for storage can keep your PETG filament in good condition for a long time. Handling your filament with care can deliver more successful 3D prints in the future.

We understand the importance of proper storage methods for hygroscopic materials like PETG filaments. We invite you to continue learning safe storage methods from Filamatrix. Our shop contains various filament types and insightful information on products. Invest in high-quality filaments and look for more guidance on all things 3D printing in our blog!



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