Which Products Use Nylon Kevlar 3D Filaments?


Nylon Kevlar is one of the strongest filaments you’ll come across. It’s useful in automotive, aerospace, and other mechanical industries . People also use it in the healthcare field. These industries rely on the strength of nylon, so their machinery runs smoothly. Which products use nylon Kevlar 3D filaments? Read on to find out what items use nylon Kevlar 3D filaments.

Airplane Parts

The aerospace needs strong mechanical parts. Airplane parts like gears for the landing door and wing boxes depend on high-quality materials with great strength and durability. Thanks to Kevlar nylon, airports have safer planes.

Aerospace engineers and mechanics trust Kevlar for parts like engine containment rings because it works as a protective layer against fan blades and broken pieces that fly off the wing’s motor. The cabin and wing are invulnerable when using Kevlar nylon.

Healthcare Tools

The healthcare industry is an evolving field that always looks to enhance tools. Kevlar is a useful tool when you need something flexible and easy to clean. Reinforced tubing is a product used in cleaning rooms and veterinary offices.

Reinforced tubing doesn’t have any key issues, making it a great item to use when you need to keep fluids separated. It doesn’t have any harmful latex in its makeup. Kevlar reinforced nylon tubing is worth it because it cuts the hassle of dealing with tubes that tangle and rip easily.

Automobile Parts

The auto industry is a fast-growing field that adapts to new methods of protecting the most vulnerable car parts. One of the most common parts replaced in a car is the drive belt. You can compare the quality of belts with any other car model, but they all have the same problem: they rip easily. So, to fix that, workers use reinforced nylon.

Even though car belts have rubber, it’s still not enough if the rubber material doesn’t have impreesive strength. Automotive manufacturers then use other things to enhance the quality of belts and other parts of a vehicle. Kevlar enhances belts by giving greater tension and helping it keep its shape so that it doesn’t tangle or rip.

So many industries can enjoy using reinforced Kevlar nylon. This list of common products that use nylon 3D filaments will help open your mind to what reinforced Kevlar nylon can do for you. Come browse around and learn more about what Kevlar filaments can do for you at Filamatrix. We’re happy to supply 3D fibers that work for every industry to improve their production process.

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