PETG Vs Nylon: Which Is Better for Your 3D Prints?

PETG Vs Nylon: Which Is Better for Your 3D Prints?

PET and nylon are two of the most popular and durable filaments available today. It’s difficult to decide between the two. Rather than removing one, pick the one that best fits your application. Both PETG and Nylon are excellent filaments for a variety of applications. Here are some factors for you to consider so you can decide which fiber is better for your 3D prints!

What To Expect With Nylon Filament

Nylon filament is a tough material that works well in many applications requiring strength and durability. Although a modest variety of different nylon filaments are available, you can expect the following from practically every nylon filament:

  • High durability
  • Partial flexibility
  • Average strength
  • Tough printing conditions
  • Higher heat resistance

Nylon filament is suitable for projects that will be subjected to a lot of wear and tear or that require a lot of strength. Cable ties, plastic gears, and other service items are excellent examples of Nylon-based builds. Even so, nylon filament also has a number of drawbacks that make it difficult to use—particularly for home printers. The material’s worst flaw is its ability to absorb water, which necessitates airtight storage prior to and during printing. If the filament becomes wet, it will cause printing troubles, and sections may bend or fall apart before the build is completed.

What To Expect With PETG Filament

PETG filament is a terrific alternative for most 3D printing projects. It has unique advantages that make it ideal for usage near water or chemicals. PETG is most usually associated with water bottles; it’s a thick, robust plastic capable of storing fluids, and it remains consistent even in filament form. It is not, however, the ideal choice for fine detail work or long-term durability. Fortunately, it does not have the same stringent printing requirements as nylon, giving it a considerably more versatile option despite the weaker overall package.

Which Is Right For You?

Nylon and PETG are both excellent filaments with good flexibility and strength. It’s impossible to say which filament material is the best because it depends so much on the intended usage and environment. Nylon is the clear victor for printing internal components or items that will be subjected to a lot of wear and tear. PETG is perhaps the preferable choice if you’re printing a smooth, completed product that will be near water, or as an easier to print option for makers looking to step up from PLA to a more robust material.

We hope this article has helped you decide which 3D printer filament is better for your 3D prints! If you are looking to purchase nylon 3D printer filament, reach out to Filamatrix. We have a vast selection to ensure that have everything you need to get any and every project done!

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