5 Ways 3D Printing Has Changed the Manufacturing Industry


Manufacturing has come a long way. We’re seeing faster turnaround times and better focus on smaller details, all thanks to 3D printing. If you’re a manufacturer looking to try out 3D printing, check out the five ways this process has changed the manufacturing industry.

Manufacturers Have Flexible Design Tools

If you’re someone intrigued by this production process, one essential thing to know is how 3D printing has improved merchandise creation tools. 3D printing has done a great deal by taking designs to digital heights.

Today, manufacturers have enhanced tools that allow them to move certain parts around to help with alignment and determining what filaments work best for their products. Say you’re building sustainable furniture and aim to create outdoor furnishings. You will require durable, strong, and water-resistant fibers. In this case, you may choose a filament like PLA or or UV resistant PETG after reviewing your options in a 3D-printed model.

Customized Products Are Now Possible

It is possible to create customized products, a venture many businesses have sought to do. With a new 3D printer, you can achieve long-term goals to make way for greater ones like customized bed frames.

Digital design is the best thing you could do for your business and a great way to open more jobs for other workers with linear career paths. If you have customization requests pouring in now, you can start planning these projects out with a 3D printer.

It Opens Doors to Understanding Digital Copyright Laws

Plagiarism is a serious charge, and you should make your own policies to protect your intellectual property. After you make a product, ensure you place a sticker or some type of branding on it to show that it is copyrighted and belongs to your company.

Copyright laws are also essential when collaborating with clients or other companies. The work you create with them will be copyrighted and should be protected from being downloaded and stolen.

Parts Are Easy To Replace

Like any machine, 3D printers break down—they’re not perfect or indestructible. However, the problems you may experience are typically fixable. Say you have a loose part or an internal problem happens. You can consult your warranty policy or owner’s manual to get ideas on diagnosing and fixing the issue. There may be a chance you need to replace the entire machine; if that’s the case, contact your manufacturer.

Manufacturing Companies Can Print From Anywhere

The world is our creative playground, and it’s gotten even more hands-on with workers communicating and creating things from anywhere. If you want to limit how much you send overseas, consider opening smaller shops near end consumers or designers. This is one great thing 3D printing has done for the manufacturing industry.

Now that you have learned what 3D printing can do for you, it’s time to look into filaments. Filamatrix is a trustworthy, knowledgeable business that’s there for you through thick and thin. We are the place to buy a 3D printer filament or two for your products. Reach out to us if you need help finding the right fiber for your manufacturing plant.

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