Which 3D Filaments Can Be Exposed to the Outdoors?


There are a lot of different projects you can use your 3D printer for, especially for the outdoors. However, not every 3D filament is resistant to UV rays or other outdoor environments. So which 3D filaments can you expose to the outdoors? Find out more below.


ABS can go outside, but it does yellow over time when exposed to sunlight. The reason it turns yellow so fast is because of its low resistance to UV rays. This doesn’t mean you need to stay away from ABS; just be mindful of what you plan on printing. Try to keep your creations away from sunlight as often as possible to avoid yellowing.


ASA is a filament with similar mechanical and physical properties to ABS. The only notable difference between ASA and ABS is that ASA is UV-resistant. Before printing anything, you need to consider how much sunlight your items will encounter. For example, a printed car part will need superb resistance to sunlight, rain, snow, and other outdoor elements, so car part designers use ASA for better outdoor exposure.


TPE is a recyclable thermoplastic that has exceptional properties, allowing them to stay in direct sunlight and other outdoor conditions year-round. Because of this fiber’s rubber-like qualities, it has built-in water resistance. You’ll love printing with TPE, especially since it’s reusable and flexible.


PC is the toughest 3D filament to print with, but it’s not the worst, and you shouldn’t dismiss it when deciding what to create next. PC is a durable plastic fiber that naturally resists UV rays. While it might be a tough fiber to print with, it’s high quality because of its superior resistance to UV rays.


Another recyclable 3D filament you will love printing with is PETG. The PETG filamentnaturally resists UV rays. Plus, it’s strong and easier to print with than PC filament. You don’t need to set your printer to a high setting to print with PETG, but you should place any items made with it in a shady area to avoid discoloration.

Working with filaments is a lot of fun, but make sure you understand which 3D filaments you can expose to the outdoors before printing. Filamatrix carries a wide range of 3D print filaments that are great to use outdoors, including the PETG 3D printer filament. Let us know if you have any questions about our 3D printer filaments.

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