What Material Is 3D Printing Filament Traditionally Made From?


The materials that 3D printing uses are as varied as the items that the process creates. 3D printing lets producers customize a product’s shape, texture, and strength. We can attain these characteristics with significantly fewer steps than are generally necessary through standard production methods. We can create these items using a variety of 3D printing materials. Here are some of the most common materials 3D printing filaments are traditionally made from.


Plastic is today’s most widely used raw material for 3D printing. It is one of the most versatile materials for 3D-printed toys and household fittings. Desk utensils, vases, and action figurines are among the items manufactured using this technology. Plastic filaments come in translucent and bright colors. Red and lime green are especially popular. They’re marketed on spools and have a matte or shiny feel. Plastic’s attraction is easy to understand, given its firmness, flexibility, smoothness, and wide range of color options. Plastic, as a relatively inexpensive material, is generally light on the wallets of both producers and customers.


People use powdered materials to produce objects in today’s more advanced 3D printers. The powder melts and disperses in layers inside the printer until it achieves the desired thickness, texture, and patterns. Steel, copper, and other metals are easier to carry and mold into desired shapes when they are in powder form. Metal powder, like the other types of plastic used in 3D printing, must be heated to the point where it can be distributed layer-by-layer to produce a finished shape.


Resin is one of the more restricting and lesser-used materials in 3D printing. Resin has limited flexibility and strength when compared to other 3D-applicable materials. Resin is a liquid polymer that enters its final state when exposed to UV radiation. Resin is often available in black, white, and translucent colors, however orange, red, blue, and green have also been used in printed objects.

We hope our article was helpful in outlining the most common materials 3D printing filament is traditionally made from! If you ever need 3D filament suppliers, be sure to reach out to Filamatrix today!

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