What Is the Difference Between Kevlar and Carbon Fiber?


Business owners using 3D printers for the first, second, or tenth time might have heard the terms “Kevlar” and “carbon fiber” thrown around with colleagues and customers. Both materials are known for their strength and durability, but some things set them apart, like when to use either filament. Build on your knowledge by learning the differences between Kevlar and carbon fiber.

Carbon Fiber Is Made From Carbon Atoms

Carbon atoms woven into microscopic crystals make carbon fiber strong. The crystals inside the fiber improve their strength. They’re twisted into yarn before becoming carbon fiber cloth.

Aramid Polymers Make Up Kevlar

Kevlar wouldn’t exist without its binding chemicals, terephthalamide and poly-para phenylene. These chemicals produce long strands of Kevlar before it’s condensed with hydrogen bonds, which strengthen the material.

Carbon Fiber Has Many Uses

Carbon fiber has many uses across industries, while Kevlar is slightly limited. However, the former offers its own unique advantages. Companies specializing in sports equipment use carbon fiber for bicycle frames, golf club shafts, and fishing rods. On the other hand, Kevlar has more use in PPE gear.

Kevlar Has Outstanding Heat Resistance

Even though carbon fiber is heat resistant, Kevlar tends to withstand high temperatures better because of its high crystal count. Carbon fiber lucks out in heat resistance because it’s usually mixed with other materials to bind molecules together, such as concrete or epoxy.

Carbon Fiber Is Expensive

The significant difference between Kevlar and carbon fiber is price. Carbon fiber products are usually pricier than Kevlar. The manufacturing process behind carbon fiber requires higher energy usage and is one of the most expensive phases of carbon fiber engineering. The creation process for Kevlar isn’t the expensive part; it’s the specialty tools workers use to cut the fiber.

Kevlar Requires Special Cutting Tools

While carbon fiber might have an expensive manufacturing process, it doesn’t require special tools to cut. Still, the cost of special cutting tools is worth the investment if you need a strong material for your manufacturing process. You can get a lot out of your 3D creation process by using nylon Kevlar filament, as it is strong and aesthetically pleasing!

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