What Can You Make With TPU 3D Printing Filaments?


TPU filaments are among the most popular fibers for 3D printers because of their flexibility. It lasts a long time and is sturdy. There are many gains to using this fiber, but a question that often creeps up is what you can make with TPU 3D printing filaments.Read below to find the most popular ways to use TPU 3D printer filament.

Wristwatch Straps

Whether it’s a traditional watch or one that connects to your smartphone, it needs a reliable and stylish strap to attach to your wrist. Creating a watch strap with TPU is better because it lasts a long time. Thanks to its flexibility, you can adjust and flip it around if you wear it backward.


3D printing is changing the automotive world right now. This technique has cut down costs on supplies and shipments. Dealerships, car manufacturers, autobody shops, and other automotive professionals have a new way to design tires on the spot without ordering from a supplier. TPU is a customizable material that’s flexible and affordable for your vehicle’s tires.

Childproof Locks

Many places in a home aren’t safe for children. Parents often spend money on childproof locks, but some childproof security systems aren’t made from the best materials. A corner protector could cost about $5 for a set of four, but it’s more cost-effective to 3D print them yourself. TPU is flexible, durable, and baby-friendly.

Fish Tanks

Do you notice how fish sometimes run into their decorative items and get injured? The material used in the tanks (PLA) warps under heated lamps. TPU-made fish tank decorations and ones for terrariums don’t deform, eliminating the risk of injuring your fish. You can even increase TPU’s softness to decrease the risk of injury.


Jewelry is another fun thing to 3D print, but you may want to rethink using PLA filament if you plan to wear it in different climates, sun, or rain. PLA warps under extreme temperatures, so reduce heat exposure as much as possible. Plus, PLA jewelry is too rigid to be worn all the time. Print with TPU instead of suffering the stiff uncomfortableness of PLA-made jewelry. TPU is squishy and is more comfortable to wear.

You can make many more things with TPU 3D printing filaments, many of which you might invent yourself. If you’re ready to get printing, Filamatrix will prepare you with TPU filaments for your 3D printer. We’re a leading 3D printing filament supplier and are happy to answer questions and offer advice on all your 3D printer filament questions.

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