What Are the Best Heat-Resistant 3D Printing Materials?

What Are the Best Heat-Resistant 3D Printing Materials?

Heat resistance is one of the most sought-after characteristics in a 3D printing filament. Such filaments can maintain their form even in grueling environmental conditions, and the products they produce are incredibly durable. However, not every substance has this trait, and knowing the difference is essential to making the right purchase. So what are the best heat-resistant 3D printing materials? We’ll discuss them and some of their most useful properties here.

PETG Filaments

PETG, or polyethylene terephthalate glycol, is one of the most popular 3D printing filaments for its accommodating combination of tensile strength and durability. It’s an effective beginner material since it’s easy to print with and provides a higher degree of resistance to heat, water, and chemicals. Because of this, it has a diverse range of potential industrial uses.

ABS Filaments

Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene, or ABS, also has characteristic strength. Though it’s unlike PETG, it offers stiffness that makes it more impact resistant after printing. Its ability to withstand temperatures up to 100 degrees Celsius—in addition to being water and cold repellant—solidify this material as a popular option among professional printers.

PEEK Filaments

Another quality resource to consider is PEEK. Polyether ether ketone is a polymer that supplies some of the highest performance traits currently on the market. With a high extrusion point of 400 degrees Celsius, this material is highly resistant to melting and exhibits advanced layer bonding upon drying. Just make sure to avoid exposing PEEK to moisture, as that can inhibit its ability to cure.

Nylon Filaments

Among the best heat-resistant 3D printing materials of all, though, is nylon. Durable yet flexible, this substance naturally works in perfectly functional parts and prototypes. But what people may not know about it is that it also has a high degree of heat reflectivity. This makes printing easy and allows the product to hold its shape for extended periods. But like PEEK, nylon is susceptible to moisture. So, make sure you store it carefully between uses.

Whether you’re looking for filaments with high heat resistance or peak tensile strength, Filamatrix has just the materials you need. We offer a wide array of resources, including high temp nylon filament. This substance, dubbed the Phoenix Nylon 3D printer filament, has a low chance of warping or shrinking when exposed to high heat. As such, it’s the ideal material for any project that requires long-lasting results.

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