Top Ways To Fix Layer Separation in 3D Printing

Top Ways To Fix Layer Separation in 3D Printing

Layer separation, which is often also known as delamination, is a 3D printing-specific issue resulting from poor layer-to-layer adhesion. This problem is often the simple result of a weak bond between the layers of the print and can exacerbate problems later in print. Here are the top ways to fix layer separation and splitting in 3D printing!

Clean the Hot End

After extended amounts of use, the hot end on your printer will get clogged and dirty with unextruded material. In fact, a full or even a partial clog will significantly change how your printer extrudes material and the accuracy of that extrusion. Even the smallest decrease in material extruded will weaken the bonds between the various layers and will surely result in layer separation. As such, if you choose to clean the hot end of your printer regularly, you will lessen the impact of any blockages in your hot end, resulting in a strong bond between layers.

Lower the Print Speed

Another way to ensure that layer separation is reduced is to lower the print speed. In the cases where you are printing too fast, most often, your hot-end temperature will not be able to build up enough heat quickly to allow for proper extrusion. The only way to fix this issue is to lower the print speed. This will give the hot end enough time to extrude properly, resulting in a better bond between layers.

Raise the Hot End Temperature.

Another way to fix layer separation and splitting is to raise the hot end temperature. Doing so will have the effect of increasing the extrusion rate. If you already have been experiencing under extrusion, upping the temperature will help keep the flow rate consistent and full. Keep in mind that when increasing the temperature, you should only do so in small amounts. With 3D printing filament, there are optimum temperature ranges that you must keep your hot end within to ensure that the extrusion rate is constant.

We hope that this article has helped you understand the top ways to fix layer separation in splitting in your 3D printing projects. If you are looking to employ any 3D printing services utilizing Kevlar 3D printer filament, be sure to reach out to Filamatrix. Our quality and craftsmanship ensure that anything you print will be of the utmost quality!

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