Tips for Preventing Filament Jams on Your 3D Printer


Printer jams are the biggest problems many businesses face with their 3D printers. The blocks could happen from anything, such as low-quality filaments or an improperly leveled hot end. If you’ve been in a pickle recently, here are some tips for preventing filament jams on your 3D printer.

Level the Hot End

If your filament is not flowing well from the nozzle, the hot end might not be level. A quick fix can solve everything long-term. When the filament comes out, the plastic doesn’t always extract accurately. The best way to fix this issue is to push twenty to thirty millimeters worth of filament out of the hot end while it’s still heated until the fluid plastic is cleared out. After, remove any filament still on the hot end.

This method prevents filaments from clogging the nozzle. For the long term, stick to leveling the bed precisely before printing, as it can stop the hot tip from hitting the printer’s bed.

Check for Proper Heating

If you are having a hard time making layers, it could be because your filament isn’t being properly heated. Check the suggested printing temperature of your filament to confirm its setpoint is not too hot or cold.

If the setpoint is correct, there is still the chance that something has gone wrong with the hot end. Consult the manual of your printer to determine which parts could be replaced, such as a thermocouple or thermistor.

Use a High-Quality Filament

Sometimes, the issue is the filament itself. Some suppliers don’t offer high-quality filaments, making it hard to tell if the problem is the product or a clogged nozzle. A manufacturer may not be the most sanitary, meaning the filament you buy may have dirt in the plastic. That can happen with any filament.

Nevertheless, keep these tips in mind for preventing filament jams in your 3D printer. These tips will help when working on tough products like the TPU 95A filament. As you develop your future products, don’t forget to build a supply of high-quality filaments from Filamatrix. Our company offers the best filaments to help you create any project you’re working on.

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