The Advantages of Glass-Filled Nylon Filaments


Nylon is a flexible, durable material for a 3D printer, but what if it doesn’t have enough abrasion resistance to keep printed parts from wearing down? When you use glass-filled nylon filaments, you improve the durability of your product between production and finalizing the end product. Take a look at the advantages of glass-filled nylon filaments.

Glass-Filled Nylon Reduces Abrasion on Machine Parts

Workers in manufacturing plants use equipment routinely exposed to wear and friction, even when using glass-filled nylon. While glass-filled nylon can make the machining process challenging, the fiber can handle rigorous stresses when handled correctly. Careful use of this material reduces fatigue and increases wear resistance.

Glass-Filled Nylon Lowers Wear in 3D-Printed Prototypes

In a 3D printer, nylon creates strong, durable models; however, it doesn’t resist heat super well unless you preset it to the standard temperature before use. The prototype becomes stronger, more flexible, and more heat resistant when injected with glass particles. A nylon glass-filled filament comes in different types, such as PA 12 mineral-filled, PA 12 40% black glass-filled, and PA 12 40% glass-filled. Each is handy when making parts for products like mounting plates, house builds, and fixtures.

Glass-Filled Nylon Adds Heat Resistance to Molded Parts

Since standard nylon has poor heat resistance, you’d need to inject molds with glass to build its heat resistance. Inserting glass improves nylon properties by increasing its wear and chemical resistance. Molded parts with glass-filled nylon work well in the automotive industry because glass nylon is electrically nonconductive. A glass-filled nylon filament works well in manufacturing parts that handle electrical currents.

You have many benefits from using glass-filled nylon filaments in your manufacturing process. One general advantage of buying glass-filled nylon filament is getting it from a USA-based filament seller like Filamatrix. Our variety of 3D printer filaments will meet every part of your production process. Stock up on nylon glass-filled filaments for your business.

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