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Improve Your Prints with 3-Axis™ 3D Printer Filaments

Advanced Materials Lots of Colors 3 Axis Quality Made In USA Expert Help Free-N-Fast Shipping Money Back Guarantee Easy Automated Returns

Looking for the best materials for a successful print?

Choose from a full range of colors and materials.

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  • Easy To Print, Excellent Bridging, Excellent Retraction, High Impact Strength, High HDT

  • FilaMatrix PACF Nylon Glass 3D Printer Filament

    Tough, Stiff, High Stiffness, HDT, Easy To Print, 3rd Party Tested

  • FilaMatrix PAGL NYLON Glass Printer Filament

    Impact Strength, High Stiffness, High HDT, High Tensile Strength, 3rd Party Tested

  • Exclusive, Tough As Nails, High Abrasion Resistance, High Tensile Strength

  • FilaMatrix PETG 3D Printer Filament

    Super Easy To Print, High Strength, Smooth Finish, No Warp

  • Durable, High Tensile Strength, Heat Resistant, Easy To Print, High HDT

  • FilaMatrix PLA 3D Printer Filament

    Beginner Friendly, Perfect For Prototyping, Biodegradable, No Heated Bed Required

  • High Impact Strength, Easy To Print, Less Brittle, Stronger Parts

Save yourself time, money and from frustration when you choose made in USA quality.

Custom Colors. Custom Materials.

Limitless Possibilities. Guaranteed Satisfaction.

Filamatrix has over 50 years of experience in developing color and materials.  Got a color? We can match it. Looking for unique properties in a 3Dfilament? Filamatrix can develop it. guaranteed.  Contact us today!

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Looking for the best quality products to rebrand for your store? Or, do you want to add FilaMatrix to your current 3d printer filament product line? Partner with us and find the best fit for your business.

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What is a quality 3D printer filament? Why does it even matter? Quality affects your application and your clients. Let us show you why professionals choose us.