Reasons Why PETG Is One of the Strongest Filaments


When using your 3D printer to create larger projects, you need a material that will be strong enough to work with. Also, if you plan to use your creations outdoors, it needs to be ultraviolet- and water-resistant. These two things could drastically damage your designs, so having a filament like PETG could be handy for your projects. Here are the reasons why PETG is one of the strongest filaments.

What Is PETG Filament?

Every novice and experienced 3D printer user looking to try out PETG filaments should learn a few things about the fiber first. To start off, PETG is a glycol-modified version of PET. The glycol component of this copolyester causes the polymer to be amorphous and lowers the melting temperature. This, combined with its strength and durability, makes PETG ideal for 3D printing.

What Is Zenith?

Zenith is an advanced PETG specifically formulated by Filamatrix to maximize the ease of printing without sacrificing physical properties. Zenith prints under similar conditions as a typical PETG, with the added benefits of higher impact strength and heat resistance. Zenith also helps to reduce post-processing of the finished print by providing excellent bridging and less stringing.

Industries That Use PETG

What are the industries using PETG filaments, and why is PETG so popular? If you work in the following industries, you should highly consider using PETG filaments. Here’s a look at the industries using PETG.


Retail is a broad field—tech, clothing, high-end furniture, and so many more retail brands use PETG to create durable plastic display stands. PETG is a durable plastic, making printed display boards safe to use around the store.

Food and Beverage

The food and beverage industry is the biggest business using this filament. PETG allows businesses to create durable and eco-friendly packaging boxes and eating utensils.

3D printing has created a modern approach to making tools on the spot, so managers don’t need to reorder replacement utensils or food packages as often.


The medical industry is another thriving environment for 3D printing. Since PETG is highly durable, medical workers use it to design tools, 3D models of body parts, and medical devices. PETG is excellent for this industry because it’s versatile and easy to sanitize, meaning doctors can use it with patients or during surgeries.

When the pandemic created supply issues across the globe, many healthcare workers turned to 3D printing to create large quantities of PPE and face shields on demand using Filamatrix’s Zenith and PETG materials.

What Makes PETG the Strongest?

Since you know what PETG is, let’s consider what makes it strong. When working with this fiber, you have less of a chance of damage from elevated temperatures and more strength against UV rays.

Increased Heat Resistance

One area where PETG separates itself from another easy-to-print material like PLA is with its increased heat resistance. PLA has a glass transition temperature (Tg) of only 55 degrees Celsius, compared to PETG at 80 degrees Celsius. This difference opens PETG up to a wider range of applications and the ability to potentially use it for a part exposed to direct sunlight.

Strong UV-Resistance

For the best protection from the intense beams of the sun, you need PETG. This filament doesn’t experience any damage from the sun. While it may become discolored, it doesn’t entirely weaken like other filaments, such as ABS and PLA. If you expect the item to experience direct sunlight, don’t create an item with a filament that can’t withstand UV rays; instead, use something else like PETG.

PETG Is Widely Available & Affordable

The remarkable thing about PETG is it’s widely available and affordable—two things you are likely giddy for and can’t pass up. This fiber is popular to use for various products and purposes. If you find yourself needing a storage container, PETG is your go-to. If you need a waterproof phone case, PETG is a safe choice.

The best filaments are the ones that are readily available and work in every environment. Choose PETG for those reasons, and you won’t ever have trouble finding a high-quality filament to create with again.

What Profitable Items Can You Make With PETG?

Every business comes to a crossroads where they aren’t certain what profitable items they could make on their 3D printer. There are various projects you could create using PETG fibers. Customers need items to use daily for personal or professional use. Through your design capabilities, you can craft something to meet the needs of your clientele. Here are a few ideas to help you begin.

Collectible Figures

Many brands use 3D printer technology to create vinyl figures of celebrities, fictional shows, movies, and so much more. Why not do the same? If you run a novelty shop, consider creating different figures on your 3D printer to sell. When you do offer this service, ensure it’s advertised as a customization service. Customers will enjoy displaying something they love, such as their favorite characters or historical figures.

Bag Hooks

Are you running an organization or storage company? Perhaps you’re running a shop similar to giant furniture retailers. If so, having space for jackets, sweaters, and bags may be a significant concern for your audience. Provide a solution with bag hooks made personally by you. Offering bag hooks to customers gives them a little extra organization in the closet or hallway. Whether at work or home, space is necessary. Bag hooks are a quick sell that helps customers stay organized.

Hand Tools

If you run a hardware store or are in the home renovation market, you might have clients needing hand tools to use in emergencies. Hand tools are another handy thing to create for personal or professional use. Customers encounter different broken items around their spaces, and they need a reliable hand tool kit to fix things, such as a broken or loose drawer, shelf, or chair. Consider crafting personal tools for customers to use with PETG. Using PETG to create hand tools makes them solid and durable, making them easy to use wherever you go.

Additional Key Features of PETG

PETG has other attributes we think you’d appreciate. PETG is the toughest 3D filament to use, and it’s an affordable option when crafting a 3D prototype for personal or professional use. Here are the other remarkable things to know about using PETG filaments:

  • If you need to make heavy-duty products requiring mechanical work, PETG helps improve the stress on the object.
  • In industrial applications, PETG adds flexibility to parts, making them easy to move and morph into any desired shape or size.
  • PETG is eco-friendly, meaning it’s recyclable after it serves its purpose.

Should You Use PETG on Your 3D Printer?

PETG is a great fiber that makes life easier. From creating recyclable cutlery to designing durable display boards, PETG works everywhere. If you need solid and durable prints that last a long time and are easy to reuse, use PETG.

This fiber is excellent for everyone to use; many creators enjoy using it to craft their own designs, and you won’t want to stop using it. Find your next filament with Filamatrix. We’re an online retailer specializing in various types of 3D filament fibers, including the Zenith PETG Copolymer 3D Printing Filament. We’re excited to see what you design next; shop with us to find the best fiber for your next print.

Reasons Why PETG Is One of the Strongest Filaments

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