5 Safety Tips To Reduce 3D Printing Fumes


Safety is the highest caliber when operating a 3D printer. Inhaling printer fumes is a safety hazard many may not know. When a 3D printer operates, it can create toxic fumes that aren’t safe to inhale. Keep yourself aware of the top five safety tips to reduce 3D printing fumes when working with and around a 3D printer.

Stick to Safe Filaments

The filament brand you buy is essential, but the type of filament also matters. If you purchase an ABS-based fiber, you’ll risk inhaling toxic fumes. Stick to non-toxic filaments like PLA and PETG, as they don’t release many noxious odors.

Don’t Forget To Use an Enclosure

An enclosure keeps poisonous smells from sifting through the air, but that doesn’t dismiss you from taking additional precautions. When working with a printer, cover the base with a plastic encasement before operating.

Make Sure Your Room Has Good Air Quality

Gas can emit from filaments when heated, so ensure the room is well-ventilated before printing. Off-gassing is possible when printing with a polymer. Fresh air circulating through the room stops fumes from accumulating.

Clean Your 3D Printer Daily

It’s essential to perform upkeep on your printer, and you should do it daily. A well-maintained 3D printer works better and produces fewer odors. Clean the interior of dust and debris that could become airborne during operation. If you need an idea of where to start cleaning, focus on heat sources, such as the hot end and 3D printer bed.

Properly Store Your 3D Filaments

Store your 3D filaments properly. Improperly stored filament can pick up moisture, dust, and debris from the surroundings. These contaminants will be heated along with the filament when printing. Store them away from the sun and heat sources.

Accidental toxic fume exposure from a 3D printer can happen, and it’s your responsibility to ensure you follow these safety tips every time to avoid inhaling 3D printer fumes. It’s time you looked for a larger selection of 3D printer filaments that aren’t toxic.

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