5 Benefits of Using Nylon Filament for 3D Printing

5 Benefits of Using Nylon Filament for 3D Printing

Where PLA and PETG filaments may be the standard material for 3D printing, nylon is quickly rising to become a top contender as well. Compatible with several other resources, this substance holds a competitive advantage against many options in the manufacturing industry. But, before you make the choice to go with nylon, it’s important that you first understand all that you’re gaining from it. These are the five benefits of using nylon filament for 3D printing over the alternatives.

Additional Toughness

One of nylon’s core characteristics is its overall strength and durability when printing parts. It has a high level of toughness with enough flexibility to resist breakage under a moderate amount of stress. As such, manufacturing your prototypes and products out of this material is among the best ways to ensure a long-lasting and resilient object.

Easy To Print With

Nylon is also easier to print with than many other types of filaments. However, it is important to mention that nylon is susceptible to moisture and will absorb any water in the air near your printer. So, you may need to purchase special containers to preserve your materials between uses. Even this, though, is much more cost efficient for your business.

Lower Coefficient of Friction

Another noteworthy benefit of using nylon filament for 3D printing is the lowered amount of friction it produces when two components interact together. While other filaments might wear down over time when constructed into functioning products, nylon produces little friction as the parts move. This protects the item from the effects of deterioration and increases its lifespan.

Diverse Range of Resistances

In addition to producing minimal friction, nylon comes with a wide range of different resistances depending on the secondary material it’s bonded with. For instance, nylon on its own is already resistant to heat and impact force. But, in combining it with thermal materials, you can gain additional resistance to high temperatures. Some types of nylon filament can even combat moisture.

Higher Quality Results

Above all, nylon filaments simply provide higher quality results. Smooth and self-sealing, this substance goes through printers seamlessly and creates crisp parts. Even complicated designs can take perfect shape with nylon filament and each product always comes out with a sleek surface finish.

At Filamatrix, we aim to provide each of our clients with the highest quality 3D printing materials possible. As such, our inventory naturally includes a wide selection of nylon resources including nylon glass filament and nylon thermal filament. These materials provide all the above benefits during the manufacturing process and ensure that you’re producing only the best products for your customers.

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