3 Ways To Know How Much Filament Your 3D Project Will Need


A common question when using a spool of filament is how much to use for a project. Follow these methods to know how much filament your 3D printing project needs.

Consider Your Previous Projects

You can easily estimate how much filament a project will need based on prior experience. If you’re used to creating large models, you likely know you need more than one fiber spool, especially if you’re creating sections with different filaments.

Suppose you want to create gaming headphone stands to sell. Estimate the cost of the spool to buy—it may be 2.5 kg for $75. Don’t overestimate how many spools you need; consider the filaments you did not use in the past because you ordered too much. Determine the project before buying fiber spools.

Stock Only the Filament a Project Needs

The first question to ask yourself when entering the production phase is how many objects you’re 3D printing. If you mass-produce prints, you need to order the filaments those products use. For example, if you design supplies for a medical facility, such as surgical tools, stock the filament those tools need, such as PLA.

Compare Sizing and Measurements

You may need to take measurements and compare sizing before ordering filaments. This method is called the Fermi estimation and requires 3D printers to round up the gram in whole numbers to the nearest 1, 10, or 100, as it helps with factoring weight.

Weight is a huge indicator for determining how much spool you need. Let’s consider bicycle helmets. Helmets keep the wearer safe, but they need to fit correctly. Take measurements of the average head and use that value to figure out how much filament to use.

These are the easiest ways to know how much filament your 3D project will need. Our methods will prevent you from spending more time and money on a project than necessary. Give yourself grace and spare the headache by buying what you need, and avoid pushing your spool beyond its limit.

Buying a spool of filament is the exciting part of your creation process, as it means you’re about to start making your prototype. Many individuals don’t know how much filament they need for their project, but Filamatrix has the answer for that. We have a great selection of copolyester 3D printing filaments for your project. We’ll help you find and buy the filament spools you need for your creations.

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