3 Beginner-Friendly 3D Filaments That Anyone Can Use


Getting your hands on a 3D printer unlocks a whole new world of possibilities, whether for something practical like prostheses, or something entertaining like tabletop gaming parts. 3D printer filament is the glue that holds your creations together. There are many filament options accessible to you, so here’s a recap of the three beginner-friendly 3D filaments that anyone can use!


PLA is, first and foremost, simple to print with. It prints at a lower temperature than other filaments and does not distort quickly. This means that PLA filaments don’t require a heating bed (although it definitely helps). Another advantage of PLA is that it does not emit an unpleasant odor when printing. It’s a mostly-odorless filament, but some users have reported smelling sweet, candy-like odors. Another enticing feature of PLA is that it comes in various colors and styles. Many specialty filaments, like ones with conductive or glow-in-the-dark qualities or those impregnated with wood or metal, use PLA as the foundation material.


ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) is a less common 3D printing material than PLA. ABS is a common injection molding material found in various consumer goods, like LEGO bricks and bicycle helmets. ABS-based products are durable and can withstand high temperatures, but users should be wary of the filament’s high printing temperature, inclination to warping, and strong, possibly toxic fumes. When using ABS, be sure to print on a heated bed in a well-ventilated environment to prevent warping.


PET is a type of polyethylene terephthalate that is one of the most widely used polymers. PET exists in plastics like water bottles and food containers. Users rarely use raw PET for 3D printing, but PETG, a form of PET, is on the rise. “Glycol” is what the ‘G’ in PETG stands for. It is recyclable, durable, and more accessible than its base form. As a result, PETG is a good compromise between ABS and PLA.

Now that you know about these top beginner-friendly 3D printing filaments, you can print with confidence! If you want to buy PLA filamentssuch as PLA, ABS, or PETG, visit Filamatrix today!

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